Fellowship is your single, end-to-end
supply chain partner for the long term.

We start at
the port.
And never
stop moving.

Stay focused on growth, not logistics. As soon as your container hits dry land, we step in to move your goods all around the globe:

Pickup from docks, ports, and other hubs
Secure storage for pending containers
Exclusive network of top-rated carriers
Most economical rate on every load
Fully insured against damage in transit
Container receiving and inventory check
Efficient coordination with stock allocation
Empty container return to shipping hub

7 bicoastal warehouses.. Endless backup space.

Our warehouses don’t just put your goods in place, they give your brand all the room it needs to grow:

1,000,000+ square feet of smart space
Endless redundant storage in our network
National footprint with a bicoastal focus
On-demand elasticity for stock fluctuation
Bulk Locations / Customized Racking
Better order accuracy and on-time delivery
Enhanced customer satisfaction / retention
Discounted shipping with all major carriers

Domestic and
By land, sea, air
(and drone).

Conquer the continents with a fully customized logistics program designed to deliver on your company ambitions:

1:1 service from your own Account Fellow
Distribution to every point in the world
Guaranteed delivery dates and windows
Strategic planning for product wellbeing
Cutting-edge WMS and scanning tools
Total visibility and global trackability
Rapid scalability with no ramp-up latency
Coordination with your partners globally

Not only
Better in
every way.

Whether you’re shipping to a retailer or an end consumer, our orchestrated shipping boosts your brand profile and long-term value:

Shipping & Receiving
Full domestic and international shipping
LTL, FTL, and intermodal services
2-day delivery to 99% of the populated US
No delays, mixups, or misplaced/lost parcels
Powerful savings tools for every shipment
Real-time visibility of every item in transit
Same day shipping on virtually all orders
Delivery confirmation direct from carriers
Get your peace of mind in order
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