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Turn every marketplace shopper into a happy, loyal customer thanks to our dedicated D2C track.

No Delays or Losses

Every single order, from FBM to SFP and beyond, ships on time (or ahead of time!)

No Hidden / Unknown Fees

Predict and cap your shipping costs on the daily, facility, and/or per-order basis

No Ranking Drop

Maintain your grip on the Buy Box and keep ‘In Stock’ indicators alive and well.

More Customer Love•

*We can’t control shoppers, but we know they’ll love the delivery experience!

Doorbound Model

Designed for D2C in its DNA

Doorbound is a comprehensive supply chain experience built to optimize the full journey from the shore to their front door:

Interfacility Drayage

From container to bin

Container drayage, FTL freight, and LTL transportation come together to ideally position your inventory across our national warehouse network.

Superfast Shipping

Guaranteed 2-day delivery

1,000,000+ square feet of strategic space across our 7 national, owned warehouses (plus endless backups) enable 2-day ground shipping to 99% of the populated US.

API Integrations

Seen in the order received

Our custom APIs receive and process orders across all marketplaces: seamless order detail and requirements download, followed by order fulfillment and tracking upload.

Kitting & Bundling

Assembling the whole package

Leave all the sorting, compiling, documentation, and labeling to us— from breaking down bulk cases to putting together the final, ship-ready set.

Warehouse Scanning

Live updates per order

Label Scan matches UPC to order and prints shipping label. Package Scan confirms label affixed and added to pallet. Exit Scan adds item to pallet and confirms shipping exit.

Shipping & Fulfillment

From container to bin

Automated fulfillment. Best negotiated shipping rates. Built-in carrier delivery status tracking. We spare you every possible penny and every annoyance involved in shipping.

Proprietary Software

All-inclusive, exclusively for you.

Process, monitor, and fulfill in one place. Switch shipping, switch warehouses, freeze or cancel orders, check transactions, track every parcel to the door, generate reports, and much more.

Hi, I’m Dalia.
My job is you.

Dedicated Manager

Hi, I’m Dalia.
My job is you.

Sign up for Doorbound D2C and I become your dedicated Account Fellow, from onboarding through troubleshooting. Not that I expect trouble, but I’m ready to tackle it for you.

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