All your dropship needs, in one place.

Scanship processes, monitors, and fulfills orders from all marketplaces automatically while giving you real-time inventory updates and accurate door-to-door tracking. Plus, we specialize in oversized, and LTL orders while saving you money and giving you piece of mind.

Scanship processes, monitors, and fulfills orders from all marketplaces automatically while giving you real-time inventory updates and accurate door-to-door tracking. Plus, we specialize in oversized, and LTL orders while saving you money and giving you piece of mind.

Nationwide Warehousing and Shipping footprint

With strategic warehouse locations across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Texas, and California, Fellowship ensures you get the cheapest and fastest 1-2 day ground shipping options tailored to each individual order.

If that’s the kind of peace of mind you’re after, speak to us before you ship your next order.
What’s Scanship?

Ecommerce dropshipping for the fastest-growing sellers.

Scanship is the end-to-end stress-free ecommerce fulfillment solution for all your  omnichannel orders. Coupled with our state of the art warehouses, you enjoy the most practical, user-friendly, and informed experience, from order placement through customer feedback.
99% on time
order shipping
100% precise
inventory tracking
99% 1-2 day delivery using
ground shipping
Seamless inventory distribution
Utilizing advanced AI
Helpful 1:1
account managers
All it takes to maintain
Amazon SFP metrics
Channel Integrations

All orders, from all channels, in one place.

Scanship directly integrates with major online marketplaces to receive and process all orders placed across all channels.

Why Scanship

Every package leaves on time and arrives on time. Period.

We’re obsessed with making both you and your customers happy. It all begins with helping you deliver, without fail.

Intuitive Dashboard

View and filter all order info, switch warehouse, switch ship service, place orders on hold, and cancel orders.

Proximity Shipping

Smart inventory routing plus 1-2 day delivery with ground shipping to reduce cost, miles traveled, and wait times.

Custom, Two-Way APIs

Seamless order and tracking detail transfer from channel to Scanship and back to channel after order fulfillment.

Label Creation

Automated, channel-compliant packing slip and shipping labels.

Order Rerouting

Pre-ship and in-transit address changes, available anytime before dropoff.

Ship Confirmation to Channel

Automated notices to each channel of ship order status change.

Live Warehouse Scanning

Follow each item moving through your fulfillment chain with 3 scans:

Label Scan

UPC is scanned and Scanship matches the item with an open fulfillment order and generates a shipping label.

Package Scan

Label is scanned to confirm it was generated, placed on the box, and the package added to a pallet.

Exit Scan

Pallet is scanned to confirm it’s ready to be loaded and its packages have left the warehouse.

Inventory Management

Stock level alerts and timely transfer suggestions to keep stock competitive.

Live Carrier Updates

See up-to-the-minute delivery status data from shipping carriers on each order.

Container Receipt Update

Manage incoming containers to auto-update inventory with load receipt confirmation.

Precision Inventory Tracking

Verify the current location of every article in your inventory within each warehouse.

Intelligent Package Routing

Scanship auto-sends shipment info to the warehouse, then buys a ship label and sends it to the correct warehouse.

Warehouse Transfers

Easy inventory transfers to rebalance stock across multiple facilities.

Software Capabilities

We’re in the trenches. You’re in control.

While our warehouses and account managers do the heavy lifting, our software’s distinct insights and capabilities serve as your central command station.

Channel Integration

Direct, plug-and-play integration with dozens of marketplaces and channels.

One Click Return Labels

Seamless RMA and return label issuance with smart restock routing.

Unlimited User Roles

Create multiple Scanship users and assign different roles or permissions to each.

Built-In Warehouse Assigner

Detects ship destination and assigns to nearest warehouse based on quickest transit time and best rates.

Built-In Shipping Assigner

Auto-select cheapest shipping service based on order location and package dimensions.

Label Creation

Automated, channel- compliant packing slip and shipping labels.

Seller Fulfilled Prime

We have the warehousing, expertise, and technology necessary to maintain the required Amazon SFP metrics.

Warehouse Appointment Booking

Reserve your elastic storage space based on order volume or season.

Inventory Upload to Channel

Real-time accurate inventory updates are sent to all sales channels, accounting for existing orders.

Carrier Shipment Insights

Inflow of direct status updates from carriers’ own tracking systems.

One Click Replacements

Effortless item/order replacement to ensure customer satisfaction.

Direct WMS Integration

Items are sorted by ship dates and tracked in the warehouse so no inventory or shipment is ever missed.

Aggressive Cost Savings

Gain access to our discount shipping rates and save on every order.

Any Size Shipments

Experts in oversized items and LTL, ensuring seamless dropshipping.

Powered by Artificial intelligence

Streamlined and efficient inventory distribution, seamlessly orchestrated utilizing advanced AI, for optimal productivity and resource allocation.

Advanced Reports

Know every detail worth knowing.

  • Shipment costs per channel per SKU
  • Warehouse efficiency by time period
  • Total and by-facility inventory insights
  • Per channel and per SKU sales reports
  • Return, cancel and replacement rates
  • Order location data with territory trends
  • Carrier cost reconciliation

Get your peace of mind in order.

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