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be Sunday.

By building our platform from the ground up, we made every aspect of your B2B and D2C supply chain as plain and painless as possible.

Operational Impact

What good is technology if it doesn’t help you grow?

We spent as much time removing excess features as we did keeping the ones we did. It’s all part of our focus on delivering technology that helps you:

Know All We Do

Whether you want to keep an eye or learn in real time, our software serves up the right details at the right time.

Compete Smarter

The best insights empower you to make better decisions, so you can evolve your entire supply chain for the better.

Grow Forward™

From aggressive savings on your existing business to rapid scalability into new products, categories, and territories.

Select Highlights

Some of our too-many-to-feature features

One destination for everything.
Your entire B2B and D2C supply chain is at your fingertips with a unified dashboard.
Your business, at a glance.
Log in once, and see every shred of order, warehouse, shipping, and returns data.
No-code (and no-IT guy!) scaling
Connect new sales channels and facilities in a matter of minutes. No digital red tape.
Itemized inventory knowledge.
Monitor and manage inventory levels across warehouses on the individual unit level.
Ship from more facilities, for less.
Automatically and seamlessly fulfill orders from all warehouses at the lowest ship rates.
Follow every order, from shore to door.
Track every move from container pickup all the way to pallet, box, or mailer dropoff.
Set, manage, and break rules.
Control (and override) order routing defaults, inventory shortages, and other protocols.
Generate reports and drive change.
Leverage the best of live updates, ongoing insights, and perfect records.


that speaks for itself.

Software is great. But when you’re in doubt, we’re here with all the answers.

That’s our commitment to be just as good at the Fellow part as we are at the Ship part.

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